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ALL SOCCER CAMPS CANCELLED Due to Smoke & Hot Weather Warnings!

Our 1st-4th Grade Camp has ALSO BEEN CANCELLED Due to Smoke & Hot Weather Warnings!

We apologize for this, but your child’s safety is our first concern!  Three camp days are forecast to be over 90 degrees.  (Our field has no shade whatsoever and field temps will exceed what the thermometer says!)  There is also the possibility of the wildfire smoke coming back as of Sunday night into Monday making air quality again unsafe for your children.  All of this together has led us to pull the trigger today so as to be safe rather than sorry.  We want camp to be a 100% enjoyable time for your child AND for you!  Again, we are sorry, but even if there is a risk of us putting any child in harm’s way, we will simply not allow that to happen.  Sadly, this camp will not be able to be made up or rescheduled due to our full church and school calendar.  Please contact Pastor Schwartz with any questions at 360-471-6300.  If you have already paid for the camp, Pastor will be contacting you shortly to reimburse or cancel your payment.  Please come back next year and join us for a wonderful camp!

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