Covid-19 Communion Announcement

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June 01, 2020 · 03:00 PM


Friday, May 8, 2020

A quick share of this past week’s communion preparation happenings:

  • 160 individual cups and wafers independently packaged by a PA/CSA in full PPE over the course of 4 hours.
  • Time slots figured for every member of the congregation A-Z
  • Drive through arrangements made and ready to implement
  • 1 family per car being green-lit by the governor himself this past weekend

Then… On May 6th, additions to the edict came from our governor, and it was significant: “No food, beverages, or other materials (whether for religious or secular purposes) may be distributed or collected before, after, or as part of the service.” 

And just like that, we are back to where we were before last weekend.

As the council met last night to discuss our options (and there was much conversation), we unanimously decided to continue to suspend the public offering of the Lord’s Supper until the next date set by the governor’s office of the first week of June passes (with the prayer of passing from phase 1 to phase 2).  The Lord’s Supper in our drive-through format will not be offered this weekend or until June. Much (more) will be figured as the next weeks pass that will most certainly lead to us looking forward to celebrating the Eucharist together, that or it will lead to the council meeting again to discuss other options. 

Please trust us, the entire council is experiencing the same gamut of emotions that you are at this announcement– from patient, yet forward-looking contentment all the way to near-outright angry frustration, but we do feel at this time that there is more wisdom and opportunity for us as Christians to grow closer to our Savior and His Word by continuing to submit to our governing authorities who have passed this to us.  Remember this: the government of Washington is NOT forbidding worship– our online attendance has brought an estimated 2,300 people to be exposed to that which truly works– the Gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ.  In addition, almost 700 people have tuned in to our Tuesday and Thursday morning devotions alone! 3,000 souls continuing to be fed the living Word of our Savior Jesus Christ! 

I have received stories from God’s people of how COVID-19 and its effects to our physical lives have impacted their spiritual lives too– for the better (by far)!  As you consider the loss we experience in not being able to physically attend worship and receive the Supper together, may I ask you to replace it by sharing with me via email ( ) stories of how you and/or your family have been drawn closer to your Savior through all of this as your increased study of God’s Word has been realized?  I know God’s people at CTK and outside of our church family would truly appreciate them all– including me– and I will be publishing one or two (with or without names– per your request) in the next several Wednesday and Friday updates. 

Take this for what it simply states–- In the meantime know that I am always available to offer you ALL that I as your pastor have at my disposal.  If your conscience is burdened by anything going on, including this new share, please feel free to reach out to me personally to find a way, a time, and the safest method to "meet" and care for your spiritual needs.  I’d be happy to talk about what that means as we discuss options together. 

We have the cross, an empty tomb, and the skies to look to for that sure confidence and hope that no edict can take away or soul! God bless your courage, strength, growth, patience, and love for Jesus and your neighbors as God holds us fast in His arms with the promise to “Never leave us, nor forsake us,” (Hebrews 13:5) nor give us beyond what we can bear. (1 Corinthians 10:13) 

God’s blessings to you all, and to God be the glory– in all things!

Pastor Andy Schwartz on behalf of the CTK Church Council