Outdoor Worship Serivces 8:15am & 10:00am with Monday Still at 6:00pm

Worship has resumed!! Every Sunday the weather is nice (as in under 30% chance of rain) we will be worshipping outside in the school parking lot.  As we worship, we appreciate everyone wearing face coverings of some sort to be respectful of your neighbors who may be considered "high-risk" and for you to practice safe social distancing (of at least 6 feet). Please bring lawnchairs and a 10x10 canopy if you'd like more shade.  Service folders with hymns and readings can be found via church Friday Update email or at our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/ctkbremerton).  Can't make it outside on Sunday?  We worship in person in small groups on Monday evening at 6pm.  If you are not comfortable with in-person worship, please check us out online at https://livestream.com/christtheking