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Our school is operated and maintained by Christ the King Evangelical Lutheran Church (CtK). CtK began holding church services in Bremerton since 1972. CtK began a Christian elementary school in the fall of 1984. Hundreds of students have received a Christ-centered education at CtK over the past 30+ years.

WELS has a long tradition of high academic quality in its elementary schools, operating elementary schools for over 150 years. Currently, WELS congregations and associations of congregations operate 409 early childhood ministries, 318 elementary schools, 24 high schools, 2 preparatory high schools, and 1 Lutheran college in states across the country. Christ-centered education is the purpose of our schools, but high academic excellence is also something for which we strive.

This desire for excellence is reflected in the number of children enrolled in our schools. Currently, our schools have more than 40,500 students in preschool through grade twelve. WELS has provided excellent instructors for these schools by training its own teachers at Martin Luther College and its predecessor, Dr. Martin Luther College, since 1884. Currently, there are 2,644 teachers serving in our Lutheran schools. Praise be to God for the wonderful blessings he has given our WELS schools!