Our Approach to Fundraising

At Christ the King, the personal stewardship of our members and school families funds the operations at Christ the King Lutheran School.  As Christians who have been redeemed through God’s ultimate gift, Jesus Christ, we encourage our members to give generously in supporting our Gospel mission.

Historically, 45 cents of every 1 dollar given for offerings at our church goes to support our school and your child, regardless of your membership within our congregation. Tuition and registration fees cover the remaining costs. CTK members and supporters can make School Support donations to the general budget via our Online Giving portal.
Fundraising efforts at Christ the King must be consistent with biblical stewardship principles and shall not interfere with personal stewardship.  We encourage our supporters to prayerfully consider their giving plans at the beginning of each calendar year.  Fundraising efforts should not interfere with planned giving.


Passive Fundraising Options

Our primary mission is not fundraising.  Although we do participate yearly in certain “active” fundraisers (like Cookie Dough and Pennies for Patients), we plan to conduct most of our future fundraising through “passive” fundraising – meaning no children coming home asking for money from parents, family, or neighbors. These passive fundraising programs provide credits or cash for our school by spending money with specific businesses. Passive fundraising is an easy way for you to contribute above and beyond your personal giving plan without impacting your personal budget.  We encourage our members and supporters to utilize the programs listed below.
Programs you can get started with today….

GoodSearch – If you shop online, you can generate between 1% and 8% for Christ the King by starting your shopping experience at CTK’s GoodSearch page.

Programs coming soon….

Safeway – Did you know that Safeway will provide 1% cash back to Christ the King for simply using your Safeway card?  It’s coming soon.  We are currently in the registration phase.


Purpose of Fundraising Efforts

Given that our approach to fundraising focuses on stewardship, it is important to note that fundraising efforts do not support the general budget at Christ the King Lutheran Church and School.

Special projects are not funded via the general budget; therefore, our fundraising efforts are designated towards special purpose projects that are proposed annually by the faculty, Board of Education, and the Church Council.