What is Scrip?

shop with scrip logoScrip is another name for gift cards. The purchase of these store gift cards raises funds for CtK and our CtK families. What is scrip video?

Check out this Scrip Presentation to learn the basics of Scrip. If you have any questions, please contact our school office (360-692-8799 or school@ctk-wels.org).

Why Should I Purchase Scrip?

Hundreds of local and national retailers are willing to donate money to nonprofit organizations through scrip purchases. A percentage of scrip purchases will go to CtK tuition assistance to help more students receive a Christian education at CtK. A percentage will also come back to you to be used your child’s tuition, CtK tuition assistance, or CtK debt retirement. The purchases you make with Scrip are things you buy anyway. Why not purchase Scrip and get a rebate for CtK and your family?

Three Easy Way to Purchase Scrip and Earn Scrip Rebates

Option 1: Purchase plastic scrip cards at CtK from one of our scrip team members. You can pay with cash or check.



GLSC ScripNow!

Option 2: At your computer at ShopwithScrip.com

  1. Do you have a CtK Scrip Account? Click here to register. Contact CtK for our Enrollment Code.
  2. ScripNow! eCards (printable right at your computer)
  3. Reload certain cards
  4. Place orders for plastic cards (picked up at CtK)Reload and Reload Now
  5. How to use ScripNow! video
  6. See important info below to enroll.



Option 3: On your phone or tablet at MyScripWallet.com

  1. From your internet browser visit MyScripWallet.com (hint: save this to your home screen)
  2. Purchase and redeem ScripNow! within minutes
  3. Reload certain cards within minutes
  4. Track the balance of your ScripNow! and reloadable cards
  5. How to signup and use MyScripWallet video
  6. Click here to register for MyScripWallet

Other Important Information

  1. Contact Saville McDaniel or Chris Hintz for CtK’s enrollment code for ShopwithScrip.com
  2. school@ctk-wels.org or 360-692-8799
  3. Set up your PrestoPay account and receive your ScripNow! and reloads within minutes. Follow the steps below or watch this video: How to signup and use PrestoPay. Click here to register for PrestoPay.
    • – Go to your Shop with Scrip dashboard and click the PrestoPay link under Family Functions.
    • – Read the terms and conditions and click Yes I Agree.
    • – Enter in all your bank and information found at the bottom of your checks and click Next.
    • – To verify your bank information, two small deposits will be made into your checking account. This typically happens within two business days of entering your bank information. Keep an eye on your account and write down the two deposits when they appear.
    • – Log back into your dashboard and click the PrestoPay link.
    • – Enter the two small amounts deposited into your checking account.
    • – Create and confirm a four-digit PIN that you’ll be required to enter when you checkout and pay with PrestoPay. You’ll need this PIN every time you pay with PrestoPay; make sure to memorize it and don’t share it with anyone.
    • – When you’ve finished filling out all the information, click Next.
    • – You have successfully verified your PrestoPay account information.
    • – You’ll receive your own unique PrestoPay approval code that you’ll need to share with our Scrip Coordinator, Ms. Saville. You’ll also receive this approval code by email.
    • – After Ms. Saville approves your PrestoPay account, you’ll receive an email from Shop with Scrip confirming your PrestoPay enrollment is complete. Congratulations! You’re all set to pay your Shop with Scrip orders with PrestoPay.
    • – A few things to remember when you use PrestoPay:
      • – A $0.15 convenience fee will be charged to your account with each PrestoPay order.
      • – PrestoPay charges will typically appear in your account overnight.
      • – A $30 overdraft fee will be charged to you by CtK if payment is returned by your bank.
      • – Credit cards can’t be used on ShopwithScrip.com. You can pay with cash, check, or a debit card linked to your checking account.


Scrip Now

Family User Guide

This Family User Guide will teach you how to navigate our website, and walk you through our ordering process. Using ShopWithScrip.com, you’ll be able to place orders for scrip and manage your account from any internet-connected computer or device. Inside you’ll find a step-by-step guide for ordering scrip online.