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Our school is a wonderful blessing God has given us to share his gospel message with his little lambs. As you are aware, there is a cost to operate our school, which is why tuition is charged. While the current collected tuition is helpful in maintaining our ministry at Christ the King, it doesn’t completely cover the operational costs of the school. Christ the King Evangelical Lutheran Church is a strong supporter of Christian-education. This support is primarily shown through subsidy given to every student (member and non-member) that attends Christ the King Lutheran School. This is not well known, because we don’t charge true-cost tuition. We don’t charge true cost tuition because we recognize that some families are not able to pay this amount, and we never want cost to be the main reason a family can’t receive a quality, Christ-centered education at Christ the King. In addition to this subsidy, discounts are given to member, military, and multi-child families. Current tuition rates are listed on the tuition schedule available from the school office. The Board of Education shares this information with you, so you are informed of the cost to provide a Christ-centered education for your child at Christ the King.

Providing quality Christian education is an integral part of the mission at Christ the King Lutheran Church. We strive to provide affordable solutions for families by subsidizing every child's education. Families may request additional aid through the tuition assistance application process in TADS. We understand that family circumstances may change during the year. The Board of Ed is willing to work with families that continue to communicate their financial needs and keep the Christian education of their children a top priority.